The Letter B…

Ahhhh…..This was a simple choice to make! What better way to showcase the letter “B” than with a banana cupcake? But, the Diva doesn’t just do anything in a traditional way. This banana cupcake had to have chunks of fresh banana, vanilla bean, and sweet cream butter. The perfect accessory–a roasted banana brown sugar spiced buttercream! Yeah, it’s a mouthFULL, but what a glorious fill it was!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Gayathri Ponnusamy says:

    oh its nice………like to share with facebook,twitter.i like eating now lik to eat

  2. JenniferLB says:

    I just love these and cant wait to share them with my family and friends! I just know my Mom will be super excited as well!! Awesome!

  3. sankalp says:

    this site is awesome!!! my friends too love this…..great goin..!!

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