The Letter C…

The letter “C” reminds me of Oscar the Grouch singing,” C is for cookie and cookie is for me!” But sorry to say, Oscar, today that same “C” is for CARROT CUPCAKES! Several friends told me how much they disliked carrot cake, but after they tasted these, they were sold!! Carrot was pureed with fresh pineapple and creamy butter and mixed in an  ethereal batter. They were topped with a nutmeg cream cheese buttercream and decorated with piped carrots, courtesy of my fiance Mike!

Piped Carrot
He claims that he doesn't like carrot cake.....

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  1. umaprem says:

    Carrot cupcakes are very nutritious and easy to prepare. Children will like them. So nice. Thanks.

  2. shanmegan says:

    Carrot cubcakes is good for health. Nice idea.

  3. Joe Veliyath says:

    Some delicious cup cakes on display here. Thanks for the post.

  4. lilybugged says:

    Looks Sooo Delicious – Mouth is watering!

  5. vineeth says:

    i am a real fan of carrot cake. it is a really good cake and it is full of nutrition. i use to prepare it in my home for all my birthdays.

  6. circuit says:

    rich blend. carrot , pineapple and butter.. good for health. and tasty. nice.

  7. indurani says:

    Wow, it’s delicious. Carrot cupcakes is so tasty and healthy. It’s really nutritious to children. Thanks for the idea!

  8. Suraj says:

    Carrot cup cakes are delicious. Thanks for the post

  9. elvis says:

    I have never tried CARROT CUPCAKES but after reading after reading you article im surely going yo try them.

  10. rajludhianvi says:

    Its a wonder ful idea, carrot cake is just awesome.

  11. Namita Gogoi says:

    Carrot cupcakes is really delicious and good for health. It is also so nice to look. Thans for the blog.

  12. Davs1986 says:

    They look so tasty, that you would like to eat them even if you are not hungry

  13. LINGESWARI says:

    cup cakes is very delicious

  14. Daisy says:

    Just love cupcakes and great pics by the way.

  15. joseph varghese says:

    sweet sweeter sweetest ,to eat and to see

  16. katcul says:

    I love carrot cupcakes! They are really are not that hard to make for the mother on the go! Great website!!

  17. david says:

    very nice blog. keep it up

  18. ANJAN says:


  19. polo888 says:

    thanks for the health vegan options. also the carrot cupcakes are cute

  20. Neeta Hale says:

    Love this blog! The ideas and recipes are totally cool!!!!!!

  21. Turker says:

    This is a mouthwatering cake for me, and carrots would taste the best in this form, thanks a ton for the article!

  22. sarah nancy says:

    Wow… superb…. Even the people who hate carrots would also love to eat this cake.

  23. SNEHAL says:

    its a nice vegan opition thanks for it

  24. Sasnuhy says:

    Way to go, I think you really know how to drive everyone’s taste senses out of control! Your Cookie Monster story was hilarious and such a good example of showing your love for cupcakes-especially carrot cupcakes! Yum yum! I wish everyone like you would understand just how delicious carrot cupcakes or cakes really are, thanks for making me want to go home and bake some myself!

  25. archana says:

    Yummy yummy cupcakes.very nutritious and delicious food.very good for improving the children eyesight.thanks for sharing

  26. Delicious and has a mouth Watering taste

  27. zeheba says:

    wow…carrot cake looks very delicious its good for health too…

  28. Maggie says:

    Yum! These look incredibly gorgeous.

  29. kiran says:

    mouthwatering,looks yummy

  30. Michelle says:

    yum2x…. looks delicious… and more when you’ll get to taste it…

  31. nani says:

    hey really nice idea because it is good for health and its looking very delicious thanks 4 ur post

  32. Cynthia Mintier says:

    Sounds like the carrot cupcake would taste like a mini carrot cake! Yum! but Oscar the Grouch did not sing C is for Cup Cake. Cookie Monster Sang C is for Cookie! HMMMM carrot flavored cookies now theres an idea LMAO Thanks

  33. Shahin says:

    it is a really good cake and it is full of nutrition….These look Gorgeous

  34. Afsal says:

    It is very interesting.

  35. Su says:

    Those are some cute cupcakes. How could anyone dislike them?

  36. mhz1973 says:

    I love carrot cake, these look scrumptious!! YUM!

    Oh, and just to let you know…
    Cookie Monster actually sings “C is for Cookie” not Oscar

  37. studentlbsce says:

    HiHi… This one item looks so nice to see,i will try to cook it as soon as possible. I want to taste it yar……….. Anyway,Thanks

  38. amazingme says:

    Seriously? Who doesn’t love carrot cake? Those sound absolutely delicious!!

  39. ngovanhoi says:

    it looks delicious!

  40. T.R.Vijaykumar says:

    Te blog is simply delicious, in terms of items mentioned, because of mouth watering cupcakes and other varities.

  41. T.R.Vijaykumar says:

    The blog is simply delicious, in terms of items mentioned, because of mouth watering cupcakes and other varities.

  42. Ellie says:

    I absolutely love this site! Thanks for putting a fun, fresh spin obn a cooking /recipe website!

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