Braised Beef and Gnocchi

My husband Michael and I are expecting our first child and I am currently 34 weeks pregnant. Lately, I’ve been making sure I get at least two meals out of each dish I prepare! This past Sunday, I braised two large angus chuck roasts with vidalia onions and carrots. Well, normally after a Sunday pot roast dinner, it’s either Shepherd’s Pie or Beef with Egg Noodles. Today, something came over me, and I wanted to try something new. About 30 minutes later, steamy bowls of Braised Beef with Gnocchi were ready to be devoured!

Because the beef is already done and the gnocchi takes minutes to finish, this dish is easy peasy to prepare!

Braised Beef & Gnocchi

1 1/2 cups of braised beef  warmed
1 pound potato gnocchi
2 Tbsp  butter
3 cups of beef stock (I used the remaining braising liquid)
salt & pepper

1/2 cup frozen green peas

splash of cream (optional)

freshly grated parmesan cheese (optional)

Warm the stock or braising liquid in a large soup pot. Bring to a boil and add gnocchi and shredded beef.  Add the splash of cream if desired, I like the extra bit of richness it adds. Add the frozen peas. Remove from heat & add parmesan cheese. Serve hot with more parmesean cheese on top!! Enjoy! 🙂


There is a slightly different recipe that I found on the Delish blog:


3 Comments Add yours

  1. lalitbhojwani says:

    Great information. Much appreciated and thanks for sharing.

  2. Lordson Jeba says:

    This really looks yummy and tempts me to taste…!!

  3. peasepudding says:

    Nice idea for gnocchi instead of spuds!

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