Frugal Mommy, I am! I am!

Yes, The Domestic Diva has the couponing bug! But I love it! If you are looking to get started on your own couponing adventure, I urge you to check out some of my favorite sites! Grab a Sunday’s paper and a pair of scissors and start saving money! Don’t just look like a Diva when you shop. Look like a Diva and keep money in your pocket!

Want to live the high life at half the prices? Go to Our Coupon Adventures and start now!

Are you like me, a frugal mommy? Then you need to go to Money Saving Mom for all types of deals, advice, and great ideas!

Believe me, REAL MEN COUPON! But, Diva or man, check out Greg’s COUPON SITE that offers info AND VIDEOS on scoring great deals with coupons. 

As always, please share what you know with me and I’ll do the same!

Looking for the free coupons from IG? Email at with COUPONS as the subject.


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  1. I was learning about coupons right along with learning about money. It’s a fun bug to have, and the best thing is that everyone can afford it! 🙂 It also doesn’t have to become a life consuming obsession like so many folks seem to think it is. You can achieve extreme savings without being an “extreme couponer” with oceans of time on your hands. Best wishes on your new advernture into couponing! 🙂

  2. Jheanell Rodney says:

    I want to start so this is a good motivation. At least I know where start. Thanks!

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