Fallin’ In Love with Apples!

There’s still time! Winter is coming but Fall still has the mic and apples are still in abundance at the local supermarket–at least 8 different varieties! What does The Domestic Diva do? “Appley” desserts of course! When I have 5-8 pounds of apples, I like to have a little kitchen assistance so I can call in my handy kitchen tool, the peeler and corer! I like this one from Amazon:

apple corer

Why do I use this tool?

  • PEELS, CORES & SLICES: Have you ever been wanting to make an apple based dessert, but the thought of having to peel, core and slice every single apple just puts you off? Well that worry is about to be put behind you as this Precision Kitchenware product does all 3 in 1, with no hassle at all! It will swiftly peel, core and slice your apples perfectly and evenly!
  • EASY: Do the chore of peeling apples with pure ease! Once the apple is firmly in place on the prong, all you need to do is turn the handle and your apple will be peeled, cored and sliced within a matter of seconds!



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